Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 12 Singapore Part 4 Clarke Quay and the river.

We decided to end our long tiring day with a cruise up and down the river.  Our boat weaved it way through the old and new areas giving you a different perspective of the sights we have already seen.  Capped off with a sail pass Singapore’s famous Merlion.  Our cruise ended at Clarke Quay where we sat down to a well deserved cold Tiger Beer.

Taxi’s in Singapore are quite cheap that is unless you are trying to get back to the cruise terminal at 6.30 in the evening... We jumped into a cab and watched as what seemed like 2 different meters clicked over....  Thinking .... yeah the more expensive one will be the one we will have to pay!!  Well when we stopped I asked so which one do we have to pay ?  Well madam .... both one is your  fare and the other is the surcharge for peak time!!  $30 later and a quick security and immigration check we were back on board enjoying a nice champagne and plate of chips.... what more can you ask for...


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