Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 14 Phuket Thailand Part 1 Bad Start

Well every cruise has one .... and today was ours.... A tour disaster.......

Luckily ours only lasted for the first hour.

Having booked a tour privately with Daj of My Krabi Holidays, mainly due to recommendations from  trip advisor and other blogs.... Only now looking at the name, it tells it all.... (Crabby ) Krabi Holidays.

I had been in contact with Daj and arranged for 8 of us to tour Phuket.  I sent a confirmation email just before we left giving Daj our mobile number and he replied saying all was good and he would be waiting for us just outside the port gates as he would not be permitted to enter the port until later which is the case at lot of these ports.

We disembark and went for the hunt...  we were bombarded by all the other drivers trying to get our business but we declined as we had our commitment to Daj...  Not being able to find him we were starting to get concerned... One gentleman helped us out by calling his number and did manage to have a 5 min conversation with someone before hanging up and saying “wrong Number”. I think he was hiding something. Hmm

We tried to ring him ourselves a couple of times only to be hung up on.  We finally got through and he told me he couldn’t a get a pass to enter the port so he wasn’t coming... Pardon!!

He could have contacted us by email, he had my phone number and damn it there was a hell of a lot of other drivers hanging outside the gates who didn’t have passes...

Chai came to the rescue and for the cost of what Daj was going to charge us each, he took all of us out for day ... what a bargain and what a great day it turned out to be.


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