Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 4 At Sea

As now it was all aboard for our Round trip to Europe Ros had arranged our Cruise Critic get together.

It was very well attended by both CC members and Senior Staff members.... well except for the Captain .....  it is his welcome aboard party tonight and it does take a long time to get ones clothes ready. 

The staff that were there were very welcoming and more than willing to help us if need be.

Ros then got each of us to stand up and introduce ourselves.... this was a great opportunity put many faces to many names....

Things do feel a little bit different this time...  can’t quite put my finger on it.. It was also champagne waterfall night and you would not have known it if you were on late seating... it hadn’t started when we went in to dinner and it was finished by the time we got out.... We know it was on as there are pictures in the photo gallery to prove it.


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  1. Everyone says the subsequent cruises never measure up to the first long one. We enjoyed our cruise round South America on Arcadia but would not go with P and O again. We love Princess and particularly the Dawn. Lovely to see your photos on board -brings back memories of " our home" for three months. Enjoy and have fun. Cheers. Maree