Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 3 Brisbane


Last time we had six sea days before we hit land for the first time.... this time we only had to wait 2 days to visit Brisbane.  As Australians we tend to use these ports to top up on any toiletries, soft drinks  and supplies that are too heavy to bring along at embarkation.

We were spending the day with Ros and Arnold but first they were meeting their boy who brought them their extra suitcases that they couldn’t bring down on the plane. 

They also put security to the test being the first back on the ship with their stash of wine.  Of course the ground staff were only given the directive of “NO WINE ALLOWED” and with no princess staff in sight it was confiscated and told to retrieve it once on board..  Just like us they were given their wine back with the instruction of corkage must be paid if drank in the dining or lounge area’s.

Finally we were off on our adventure.... first to Kangaroo point for coffee and a lovely view of the city.  Then onto the city centre for some last minute purchases and quick look around.  We went down to Southbank for lunch and then we caught the city cat back to the ship.

Although the weather was a little cool we managed our first sail away party back out on deck 11 where we made it a fair way up the river until we succumbed  to the elements and retreated to warmth of our cabins to get ready for dinner.


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