Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 2 oooh la la its sea day

some kids do have them.....
Are we on a ship.... the only thing giving it away is the humming of the engines that soothed us to sleep...  We have a lovely Cabin Steward Sotero  and he has done everything that we have requested .... which is not much ... Ice, extra towels and a foam topper...
Our Captain is Ivan  Jerman who will be with us till Singapore.
Our Cruise Director is Mark Taylor and his assistant is Corey....
The Princess patter is choco block.  I did go to Zumba this morning ... and it seems they have picked up the pace from last time, so I kept it to a pace I could deal with otherwise I will be hobbling around in Brissy tomorrow...
We did play trivia today and guess what... we won..... if only we knew that ARGENTINA produced the most wine in south America or the Spanish airline is Iberia .... we would never had to have gone to a tie breaker.... the question was how many lights are in the ceiling... we chose 248 and 247 was the answer.... a hard battle fought for a lanyard!!
This evening was to be a special dinner as we had 2 birthdays to celebrate.... Garry for last week and Ros  for today... and as it was Bastille Day we thought we would celebrate in a French kind of way.... the pictures tell it all.

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  1. Just a tiny bit green:-(
    But will follow all your adventures and pray that Princess do this itinerary again.
    Enjoy and continue with the fun:-)