Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It was a slow morning this morning as weren’t arriving into Darwin until 10 am.  This was to be our first and only Princess Tour for this whole trip.  Because of our short stay we decided to stick with princess and head out to the Adelaide River to see the jumping crocodiles. 

It was with relief that we saw the Paramedics come on to the ship first to collect a gentleman that had collapsed on deck 12 with a heart attack the day before.  They worked on him for a long time before they wheeled him down to the medical centre.  We really feared for him.  We have been told that apart from a few broken ribs from the compressions that he was ok...  Lets hope that he stays that way.

Our trip to the jumping crocodiles was fantastic... and if it wasn’t for a couple of grumpy passengers it would have been a perfect trip.  We saw crocodiles and they jumped for us ... what else would you want.  So much better than our last trip to Darwin.

They then took us to the Windows to the Wetland visitors centre where they had displays on the wetlands... not a lot but made for a good toilet and snack stop.

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