Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 73 No maintenance Mumbai

No maintenance, not because it doesn’t need it... they  just don’t do it.  Bustling, busy, horn blowing Mumbai you haven’t changed a bit.  Your buildings look like they are about to fall down and yet you still live in them ( on saying that we have just found out that a day or so after our visit a five story residential  building did collapse , 60 confirmed dead).

As we had visited Mumbai before and did all the main attractions in 2011 we decided to try something different. Still using the company Mumbai Magic we booked a tour that took us to a local food market then to a local home where we had a lovely lunch cooked for us.

We didn’t arrive in Mumbai till 11am and luckily we had the Indian official’s board in Oman so all our face to face immigration was already completed.... So much more civilized when done on a sea day, wait for your timeslot and walk straight in.  It was a nice surprise to find that Meharuk was our guide once again.  We headed out of the city this time and our first stop were the markets.  Always interesting to see how they display their wares and the different types of produce that is available.

Once we walked through we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the famous Indian Dabawallas.  A lucrative and efficient business in delivering hot lunches from your home to your work place with a minimun of fuss.  The Dabawallas are recognisable by their white caps and of course the many lunch boxes hanging off their Bikes.  Distance does not deter them as you will find many a lunch box lined on train platforms that make is easier to move from part of town to the other.


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