Monday, October 7, 2013

Kuala Lumpur 2

Having completed our exercise for the day we headed into the City to KL tower.  The tower is an attraction of it’s own.  Here you can go up the tower, visit an aquarium, walk through a local cultural village or have a donkey ride... you could spend your whole day here...

We opted to just go up the tower. This weekend the tower was hosting Base Jumping.   It was quite unnerving to be looking out of the window to see someone free fall right in front of you ... then you look down and see them slowed as their parachutes are released and they glide down to earth.  They were them motor biked back to the top to do it all again.. Sometimes just one would fall... sometimes 2 or 3 bodies would fall right in front of you....

Back down stairs and we were just in time to see the Malay dancers performing in the foyer.

In the Butik Bintang area we had lunch and a little walk around, I was expecting something a little more modern..... but you don’t know until you go... Again it had a bit of an old Chinatown feel to it.

Our drive back to the Kelang was much faster than this morning taking only about an hour. Lots of building and expansion happening on the road between KL and Kelang, I hope not to go to waste.  In the area just outside of the terminal you see blocks and blocks of apartment shells never finished because no one wanted to live them...

This is to be our last international sail away as our next port of call is to be Darwin.



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