Sunday, August 18, 2013

All I can say is OMG what a gorgeous little town.... reminded me of Eze just out of Nice.  To tease us Fabrizio took us to a restaurant which gave us an undisturbed view of the town before we were to make the trek up there.
The restaurant was another OMG moment... we chose 3 different pasta’s and salad to share... now we thought they would place the plates in the middle of the table, but no they gave us each a plate with the pasta’s beautifully arranged on the plate... Everything on the plate was fantastic but that that stood out was the pasta filled pear and cheese, covered with a soft white cream, topped with grated truffles ...... OMG my mouth is watering just thinking about it.....
Now with bellies full we had a 10 minute walk along a bridge that took us up to the town.... we were thinking this walk is easier than we thought but I tell you what those last few turns got steeper and steeper and hotter and hotter.
But it was all worth it.... this village is picture perfect... I think I took so many photos that I could print them off and build a paper model of this town.... every corner was another photo opportunity..... ahhh take me back ......
We found a little cafe that we had seen on one of Rick Steves Videos.  Inside was a stone wheel that was used to crush olives into oil.  It was so hot outside yet you walk in and they had an open fire place where they  cook their  signature Bruschetta.... I really wanted to try some but we were still so full from Lunch.
It was now time to head back, but with Fabrizio just when you think it is finished it isn’t .....  We had a quick stop at St Flaviano church build in 1032.... now there is story about a someone who died after drinking to much wine ( Est! Est! Est!) but I will need to google it to remember what it was LOL...  another stop for Gelato in Monte Romano.... strawberry to die for... then back home to the ship.....
Sailaway back on deck 11 with a celebration for Colin and I finally achieving our Black Elite Status.

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