Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Santorini Part 2

Dimitri from OceanWave Tours did a wonderful job looking after us.  He picked us up promptly and off we went.  Our first stop was the Church with the most famous blue domes in the world.  Seems like everywhere on this side of the island has wonderful views.

He then drove us around to Oia a part of the island that is famous for it’s magic sunsets.  He left us to walk the main street from one end to the other reminding us to take out time and take in as much of the endless vista’s as we strolled along.

We then drove back around the other side of the island where it is flatter and we saw a lot of farming of produce and grapevines… lots of grapevines … not up on trellis’s but allowed to grow along the group.  It is harvest time so a lot of villagers were out there picking. 

Then we visited Santos Wines, perched high with what Santorini is famous for… great views.  We tried a selection of 6 wines, cheese, olive and local tomato paste…… yes we left with wine!!



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