Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 33 Civitavecchia - Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio

As we went to Rome the last time we were here we chose to tour the countryside.  Thanks to Rick Steves our mission on this trip is to visit many of the beautiful hill towns Italy has to offer.
We had such a good time with All Round Italy last time that I have once again booked most of my Italian ports with them.
Our meeting time was 8am so I didn’t want to be too early so I had our group meet at 7.30 and meandered off at 7.45.... you see last time we walked straight off the ship when we docked, we waited  and waited for our driver which happened to be Fabrizio himself to turn up. So I rang..... “Fabrizio, where are you” I said..... “Mamma Mia it is too early... I am still having my coffee..... wait I will be there in uno momento” he replied.
Sure enough thistime, we walked off and there was his smiling face holding up our sign.  “I remember you” he said... “where have you been” he said pointing to his watch...” I have been waiting for you for one year”...... Now you see I booked these tours probably 18 months ago and according Fabrizio he turned up on the 14th August 2012 looking for the Dawn Princess... Every cloud has a silver lining as he said he managed to pick up another group that another tour company had forgotten about ...... well so the story goes.
Our Fabrizio is a wonderful story teller and kept us entertained from the moment we got into his van to the moment we got off.
In-between his story about his 35 girls friends and his current love Isabella we travelled the beautiful country side to our first stop at small village called Monte Romano.  A quaint little village that I am sure was thrown in as a pit stop as we stopped here also on the way home for Gelato.
We drove a little further along where Fabrizio stopped at what!! A roadside diner for a coffee.... well want to experience Italian life ... Old and New!!
Fabrizio also told us how he was very busy this month as all his drivers wanted a least a week off otherwise their wives would divorce them.... Fabrizio being the great boss agreed ..... But next year he says “ I am only going to hire gays “...... well got a laugh from us...

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