Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 37 Back in Athens....

We didn’t bother getting up for sail in this morning it was still dark when we arrived.. and two we had done it before.

This time we were the only ship in port so we had prime spot next to the terminal building.  We decided to hop off at 8am and found a taxi to take us into the Acropolis Museum for 15  Well we got the cooks tour  .... round past the church, down to the marina, past a few different Olympic stadiums, all with a running commentary.  He did try to convince us to hire him for the day but we really didn’t need him.  Once again might I a add a taxi driver that shows us maps while he is driving....

The Greeks have done a wonderful job with this museum.  One of the biggest problems with building in Greece once you start digging you hit a ruin.  What they did in this case is install glass floors so you can see below at the excavations.  It was actually quite interesting walking through and it is such a shame that so many of their artifacts are in the British Museum and not in Greece.

We walked out and decided to have a coffee before heading off again.  Whilst sitting there we spotted the Little Tranaki.... This little train is the mini version of the hop on hop off bus.  5 euros each.   We waited and waited to leave and kept getting told  5 mins.... 5 mins.... but I should have known that was greek time.  Well they should have called it the graffiti tour of Athens as for what seemed like the first 20 min we weaved our around these back laneways with walls all covered in some type of Graffiti.....not artistic but protesting about something or another.

We did the round passing a lot of the main sites including Syngtama square while the change of guard was in progress. We then spent the afternoon wandering up and down the streets of the plaka, stopping for lunch at a restaurant just near the Ancient Agora as they offered us a free glass of wine .

We managed to pick up a taxi back to port that got us there much faster than our trip in morning.  Back on the ship and sailaway on deck 11.  Everyone was back on board and we were ready to leave half an hour early... We had the pilot onboard and lines were drop and we were ready to leave when we got the go ahead...... which was soon...... but remember it was greek soon...... Funny that .....our leaving early ended up leaving a little later than our scheduled time.


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