Monday, August 12, 2013

Is that Land I see ahead........... Ayios Nicholaos Crete....

Excitement was building around the ship, we were finally going to get a Port of Call.... our only risk was rough seas and no tendering. But alas we sailed into the beautiful harbour of Ayios Nicholaos.

Beautiful blue waters, beautiful blue skies, everything you expect from a Greek island.  As this was an unexpected port it was a last minute job for Ros to arrange a driver to take us around.  We had 2 taxis for 8 of us and off for a Cretan adventure we went.  Our choice was all things educational or a true Greek experience.... we opted for the latter with a little culture.

Lefteris and Elias from  met us at the dock and we started heading towards the capital, Heraklion.  On the way Lefteris gave us lots of information and just like the last time we had a greek driver who managed to drive with one hand on the steering wheel, one hand holding up maps and books and his eyes in the review mirror looking at us while explained what we were seeing..

Lefteris was wonderful and really wanted to give us all the sights, tastes and smells of Crete.  On our way we stopped for fresh Banana’s, fresh figs and every so often a sprig of Rosemary, thyme, sage anything he found along the road way... I had a lovely pot pouri of herbs sticking out of my hat by the time we finished.

Our first and only cultural stop of the day was Knosses.... well it is Crete and it is one of their must see.... Unfortunately everyone else must see it too and it was very crowded and hot.  But we can now tick this off the list... Beautiful views in all directions.

Once back in the car park we found Lefteris had been on a mission of his own to the local bakery.  What else do you do while in a Greek car park but eat yummy spanikopitia out of the boot of a car.


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