Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 36 Santorini

Today we visited the beautiful island of Santorini and it was a tender port.  We were spending the day with Bob and Deb from Brisbane. We made sure that we were one of the first to shore and we made a Bee Line to the Donkey’s.  There were 3 of us going up this way and the rest headed for the gondola.  We were actually one of the first to head up by donkey, I was on mine first and the others followed.  Garry was up and as they started to load Sharon my donkey decided to start its trek without the others... ok... they know the way ... don’t panic....  it was not long before the others caught up.  It was a constant shuffle as each donkey wanted to take their lead... Lots of laughing and lots of scary bits but we had lots of fun.

Once at the top we stopped for a coffee until it was time to meet our driver.


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  1. Joanne & Garry, your gastronmic tour, so far,has me drooling. I am enjoying following your journey. Loving the photos and realising how small the world is, find it interesting how the vista,taken by so many, myself included, look stunning every time. I hope the rest of the journey is as interesting and I look forward to meeting you next year.
    Pat (Belevedere)