Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 38 Katakolon

Another day, another taxi driver... today it was George from .  Just as arranged George was there waiting for us as we walked out the gates... Actually George has been a facebook friend for awhile now so he quite easily recognised us as we walked off...

We jumped into his car and we were off..... What... What’s that .... you have wifi in the car..... yay so now we were facebooking our way around Katakolon.

George took us to the main town of Prygos.  Not touristy but a good look at how Greeks really live... we visited the main church in the city and walked around some of the streets where we saw the type of shops they use for everyday life.  No souvenir shops alternated with jewellery shops.  We saw butchers at work cutting their meat.... blacksmiths at work making olive oil tins, baking tins and BBQ grates and one of our favourites.... the ouzo factory, where not only could we knock back an ouzo but different types of Liqueurs and the very infamous Raki.

George then took us to a new Archaeological museum in town .  Well it is not finished yet but there was one wing that was complete and we were able to walk through.  We were lucky enough to meet the gentleman who had unearthed many of the artefacts and he walked around with us to explain some of the display. He only spoke greek, quickly and with such passion....  I was only able to understand every few works and tried to translate to the others and anything that I miss George translated to me the best he could.... He unearthed a few burial plots showing us bones that were found. They had been carefully dug around then some sort of base was poured around them and when dry the whole thing was lifted off the ground.... hard to explain .... and I may have the translation all wrong, but whatever, it was impressing... There was a skull unearth that still had fabric wrapped around it like some kind of headband or the remains of a head dress.. and a large urn unearthed with the remains of a small person inside... it was all very interesting...


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