Monday, August 12, 2013

Crete more food part 3

With our bellies full we were off again.... In Greece every good meal is followed by watermelon... even if you are eating on the run.  So the next stop was a road side stall.  Out we get and into the little tin shelter were 3 generations of a family sat keeping each other company in-between sales. We all sat whilst they cut up the watermelon for us.... Of course one of the big topics was that I was Greek and where did my heritage lie...

Lefteris then heads over to the fridge and pulls out a large bottle of water.....” would anyone like some” we all say no thanks.... but instead Lefteris gets the store owner to pull out little plastic taster cups and pours us all a little... after sniff and a taste, it is not water but homemade Raki.... a beverage that I am sure doubles for rocket fuel....  after watching Ros take just a little sip... I said “you know that to drink it the right way you have skull it” ..... my jaw dropped to the ground when I saw Ros bring the cup to her lips, throw he head back and drank it all in one go..... her face changed many colours until finally had a nice red glow about it.... What I didn’t realise that she had not previously tasted it but only pretended so she had no idea it was going to rip the coating of her ascophegas as she shot it down.... Laughed and laughed we did.....

Then the lady owner came over and sat with me and asked about my family and if we had children, I said yes and grandchildren too.... she asked if the father was here, I thought a funny question and said yes and pointed to Garry next to me.... She looked at him, then looked at me and said “father” I said yes.... she said “ but he is too young “ ..... again I said “yes father” ..... she looked at me again and said “your father”..... by this time we were having such a good time that we would laugh at anything and once again laughed we did and I corrected myself and explained I thought she was talking about the children’s father LOL....

We had to drag ourselves away again and into the car for another culinary delight...  The area of Crete we were in is very mountainous with lots of hill climbing goats and sheep. Our next stop was a Sheppard’s ( and a couple of good looking Sheppards they were too) little shop for some homemade cheese, Greek yogurt with sage honey and olives, washed down with Mythos beer and Restina.  They did have this most divine smelling lamb cooking on coals out the back but we were way too early to try that .... Damn..

Our last stop was the St Georges Monastery just outside of Ayios Nicolao.... a lovely monastery where only 5 monks remain..... we lit a candle for ensure a safe return  journey home.

The boys then dropped us off in the middle of town where we could check out the shops and make our way back around to the tenders.  It was a nice surprise to see the ship Salamis Filoxenia, a Cypriot ship that belongs to my Mother‘s Cousin in port with us.

Drinks on deck 11 as we said goodbye to another great day and port.

If you are visiting Crete we would highly recommend Lefteris Nikiforakis



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