Monday, August 12, 2013

Crete part 2 the winery

We wiped the last of the phylo pastry crumbs from our lips and back into the taxi for a trip to Kounavi a village in the wine making area of Crete.   We visit Stilianou Winery where Ioannis took us for a small tour.  Educated in Engineering he decided to come back to Crete to run this wine making business that had been in his family for years.

Of course the best part of any winery tour is the tasting at the end. We started with pure Olive oil and bread sticks, then onto the wines topped off with what????  Lefteris had also brought for us some traditional Cretan sweet pastries called Kalistuni

We decided that we really liked this little village and we wanted a few more photos so Lefteris took us to the local Kafeneo.   Now this was the benefit of being Greek came in, once the cafe owner found out I was Greek she couldn’t do enough for us... We ordered our coffees and as a treat Lefteris ordered a few extra’s.  Fresh tomatoes and Feta in olive oil and oregano, fresh local cucumbers and bread to die for.... Our owner was so excited with us that out came even more traditional food, a type of bean casoulet and another plate with something very similar to a Bruscetta.....  She sat at laughed and chatted with Lefteris translating for her like long time friends...  Upon leaving I asked Lefteris what was her name.... he looked at me and said “I don’t know I have only met her once before “go figure we were welcomed with such open arms we thought he was a regular.

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