Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pireaus gateway to Corinth and Nafplion

Today was another rescheduled day visiting Greece. We booked a last minute tour with Nikos Loukas and

In port we were in good company alongside the Azamara Journey and the Neiw Amsterdam.

We had 10 booked in this group and we had a van that fit us all in comfortably.  Our driver Dimitri was great and very informative and was not perturbed at all when we asked to streamline our trip.

As we had all done Athens before we decided to move into a different direction and head to the Corinth Canal. Here is a man made canal that allowed cargo ships to move from the Ionian Sea to the Aegean sea without having to transit around the long way around.

From here we went to the small town of Ancient Corinth at the archaeological site where the Temple of Apollo stood.  We really enjoyed walking around this site.... amazing what a difference it makes when you are not somewhere where there are 20,000 other people.

Instead of visiting Mycenae we decided to go straight to Nafplion, Greece’s first capital.  What a lovely quaint town.  Filled with lots of shops and restaurants overlooking port and Bourtzi castle.  We decided to eat first as breakfast was at 6 am.... most Greeks are still having breakfast at this time but we really enjoyed our pastito, moussaka, souvlaki and greek salads.

Walking around the gorgeous paved lane ways sure helped digest lunch only to make room for Gelato and freshly made Loukomades.

It was a long but satisfying drive back to ship and a few of us caught up on some extra zzzz’s.

Back at the port there was lots of duty free shopping going on with wine being a premium.


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