Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 36 Kusadasi 2

After leaving Ephesus we went to sacred sight at Mereymana. Here is believed to be the final home of the Virgin Mary, brought here by John the Evangelist after Jesus asked him to care for his mother before he died.  This site was found after a German nun wrote a book about the virgin mary and described her life from visions she had had.  This nun had never been to Turkey but was able to describe the area, house and surrounds precisely. Here we were able to walk through her home, light a candle and drink the water from a local spring that is known for its healing properties.  There is also a wall where people write wishes to Mary on paper and stick them to the wall and hope that she will answer their prayers.

Starting to feel a little hungry now so,  Yelda took us to a little local restaurant mainly frequented by locals.  Food here had a greek influence with servings of stuffed capsicums, vine leaves, cheese rolled and fried in Pitta bread and that was just the entree.  We also salad and meat cooked in different ways. 

On our way home we did a drive by of Artemis’s temple one the ancient wonders of the world.... all of one column that remains LOL

We were then dropped off back at Kusadasi to wander around the Bazaar just next to the port.... Hey this bargaining is fun..... did I get a good price for my Genuine fake handbag ......I don’t know but it makes a good story.

One other thing I forgot... now that I was in the bargaining mood we decided to buy Garry a Paul Smith shirt.... we walked into a shop found his size and asked the price... 20 euro..... Garry says “no too much 12” the guy just laughed at him and turned away.... ok no bargain no buy so we walked out.  We were met by an another man at the door who asked what are you after... we told him and agreed on 15 Euro... he ran into the shop ran out and quickly stuffed the top into Garry’s bag. He took the euro then asked for a tip.... 2 -3 Euro..... I patted him on the back and said “be good to your mother” turned around and walked away...  Garry was still concerned about the manner he stuffed the top into our bag.  He now thought that maybe this ran into the shop stole the shirt and gave it to us.  We decided to high tail it back to the ship before anything else happened.....we didn’t want to go to jail  ..we have seen midnight express!!!


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