Saturday, August 31, 2013

Day 42 Venice 1 2

On this first day we decided to walk into St Marks weaving our way around the canals. We walked from the ship to the port gates. Here we could either catch the people mover through to the Placa d Roma or walk, which was our choice.  Now we pulled the map out to start off in the direction that we needed to follow... we soon realised that we didn’t need to refer to the map  as on most corners there were  signs pointing to St Marks or to the Rialto.  Some were professionally printed signs and other were a bit graffiti that someone decided to add to help out. Through many lanes, over lots of bridges not knowing what we were going to see when we got to the other side.  Some lanes so narrow that you were lucky to see daylight around Garry’s shoulders.  
We did pass the Frari Church but as it was Sunday morning we didn’t go in as mass was in  progress.  We found the Rialto bridge which is a hive of activity and you have to be quick to snag a good spot to take a picture ... though my pet hate, which is something that you not only find in Venice but in many other places of interest is that they hang advertising banners on these iconic structures ..... to me the greatest form of graffiti.
We did have a man who offered to take our photo and before I knew it he was snapping away on my camera.  Suddenly I had this pang that this man looked like he WAS going to run off with my camera and when he asked us to look loving in to each others eyes I thought “oh oh this is it “ so with one eye looking at Garry and the other trying to watch this guy and a grimace on my face that I am sure did not photograph well.....  but lo and behold he did give me my camera back..... phew I thought ...... then the hand came out.... that would be one euro please!!!
A quick coffee from a grumpy Venetian ( Venice seem to have a lot of these ) then onto St Marks Square... The line was short so we made our way up the bell tower for some sweeping views of st Marks and the surrounding Venice. We were even treated to a concert put on by the bells just above our heads..... the are large and loud and just amazing to watch the 2 bells swinging from side to side.

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