Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aqaba 4

We are now heading down towards the water front again to walk to our restaurant for lunch, stopping at the largest mosque in town for a bit of a wash. 

Walking along the street we see what Ashraf calls the American embassy “MacDonald’s”, and what do you always find parked out the front of any good Jordanian Macca’s but a camel.  “Would anyone like to ride a camel the rest of the way to the restaurant....”  we all say no... but a lone voice from the back says “yes ... Joanne would”.... “What!!” .... yes garry always on the hunt for a good video opportunity quickly has me climbing up this huge beast.  We felt sorry for this camel sitting down on the hot concrete but he didn’t seemed concerned at all... as soon as we gathered around him up went his head into the perfect posing position, even following commands from his owner to go to sleep and wake up.... Giving his owner affectionate licks and kisses just like my pussycat does to me... So we go.... down the footpath, crossing the streets hoping that the cars will give way...

When the camel stood up and getting down is the  scarry scary part, but I would have to say it was the best $10 I spend that day!! What fun!!  ( side note.... the waiter that toasts my bagels each morning said to me this morning “ how was your camel ride “..... yes he saw me ... they said they waived but I didn’t see them... oh so did the guy from the jewellery shop ).

Time for lunch!!  The restaurant we are told is the best restaurant in Aqaba “Floka”, now we really don’t have anything to compare with .... but at this stage I would have to agree.  No ordering was required just sitting back and enjoying. We started with an Arabic Mazza.... Salad, the creamiest homus I have ever had, another eggplant dip, a chilli vegetable sauce and bread ..... so hard to stop eating even though you know main course is still to come.... Main Course Fish... a type of red sea grouper.... Lightly pan fried and absolutely delicious .... washed down with a glass of amstel beer made locally in Jordan. As Ashraf says... no matter how full you are there is always room for a little dessert. Baklava and the traditional Turkish style coffee infused with cardamom....

We waddled out of the restaurant and into the van for a relaxing round trip to the Saudi border and back along the coast... Most of us saw it... others saw it through the back of their eyelids...

Another great day to tick off the list... Where else can you stand up on deck at sailaway and see three different countries... Egypt, Israel and Jordan........then sail down the gulf and wave  goodbye to Saudi Arabia.


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