Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 56 Cannes

Garry was not feeling well and opted to stay on the ship, this was a tender port and a very short one at that....

Today we toured amongst the rich and famous.  So where do you start...  having your first toilet stop at the Carlton Hotel of course.  Sylvie said lets walk in, look  like you belong and head straight for the toilets.  Security has been tightened since the big jewellery heist the previous month, so it wasn’t long before someone came over to chat with Sylvie while we waiting for the others.

We followed the coastline around stopping every now and then for photo’s until we reached the village of Antibes.  We stopped to look at a few of the luxurious boats then headed into town for a quick walk through the market and a coffee.....  this looked like a lovely little village to explore but time was against us today and we were off again to our next stop was at Haut de Cagnes...... a little hill top village similar to St Paul de Vence that we visited last time, but less commercial.  Here we walked around the cobbled streets. The houses looked small but they were deceiving as some would cover many levels or even go underground as we found with the church.

From here we drove to the village of Vence more of a town than a village.  Things were starting to slow down now as it had hit midday and everything closes for lunch ...... a big priority in France.   A quick walk around to find the points of interest, a bite to eat and back in the Van to get us to the ship on time...


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