Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 55 Livorno with Francesco

Still with All round Italy today we had a day planned to visit Sienna and San Gimignano , our driver for the day was Francesco.

We started our trip heading straight out to Sienna as it was a good 2 hour drive away.  One of the nice little rituals we have had with All round Italy is to break our trip we stop for a toilet and coffee break... this stop was one of the nicest...although it was a petrol station, tacted onto it is a cafe and bakery..... yummy pastries and coffee for morning tea.... these stops seem to service our drivers well.. they fill our bellies and they get to stop for a smoke!!

Before reaching Sienna we had another stop at a small village called Monteriggioni..... soooo cute.... Problem with these early starts is that we arrive in some villages before they have a chance to wake up... well I guess it also beats the crowds.


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