Sunday, September 29, 2013

Salalah 4

It was really time to stop for lunch and our Guide took us to a restaurant back in town with a very Indian influence.  Here we met up again with Ali the coordinator of Marks Tours in Salalah (we met him last time and also visited his farm on that visit). There were 2 groups of 20 cruise critic members doing their tours today and once we both arrived the curries started to come out. 

Now time was really truly against us and we felt we had to forgo the rest of the tour and just visit the downtown old souk.... Normally at this time on a Friday (their holy day) everything would be closed, but there was ship in port so there was a dollar or 2 to be made, and a few stalls remained open. 

Another good day in Salalah and I know that some people opted to stay on the ship as the port lecturer painted a very grim picture if you wanted to travel independently.   My suggestion would be if you don’t do a ships tour, book a tour with a reputable company like Marks Tours or be prepared to barter a price with a taxi driver  at the port gates for a few hours.... 


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