Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 46 Mykonos

The last of our Greek ports ..... how sad as I have really enjoyed them. Today we docked at the new port which is a fair way out of town,  some say about 4km.  We decided to shuttle it at $5 each way... Not so much that we didn’t want to walk but we thought at midday when we had to be back at the ship it maybe a bit warm.

When we got to Mykonos town we jumped into a cab and made our way out to Platis Gialos Beach about 10 minutes away.  A pretty little beach and very quiet at this time in the morning.  We lounged around on the sun beds and swam.  It was soon around 10 am and we knew it would 5pm back home so we celebrated with a glass of wine .... and what else do you do on a Mykonos Beach while sipping wine..... but shop yes the Africans where out in force selling watches, dresses, videos, sunglasses and handbags....

Alas all good things must come to and end and we caught the local bus back to town.  Took photos of the windmills, wandered around the laneways browsing in and out of several shops, but our main mission was to get back to the ship on time.

A day much too short as we were leaving at 2pm..... such a waste for such a pretty place.....


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