Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 70 Sa la la lalalala lalalalah, Hey Jude

When we left Sydney in 2011 we didn’t even know that a place called Salalah even existed  until they added it to our cruise... now we are visiting for a second time.

As we were there for a full day we contacted Marks Tours again to take us on a tour that would also cover the country side taking us a bit further afield.

All the places that we wanted to visit meant that time was once again tight for us.  It is like you can cut the country in half... the East is lush and green and the west dry and arid looking ...

We were driven out to the west first where it is so dry.  The only vegetation that you can see seems to be the Frankincense trees.  They seem to thrive in these arid conditions.  To extract the frankincense from these trees, they are scrapped with a sharp knife then left for the sap to ooze and dry.  The farmer then comes back a few days later to pick off the frankincense , you can see this in the close up picture I have of the branch.


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