Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 54 Civitavecchia Mark II part 3

It was now getting later and our tummies where starting to rumble, so back through Anguillara again to reach our next town of Ceri.  Here we went to a restaurant with a beautiful view of the valley below along with a very welcomed tasty lunch...

One last stop before heading back to the ship and that was at Cerveteri and the Etruscan Tombs.  These dome shaped structures would be the equivalent of what we now know as crypts or Mausoleums.  We paid our entrance fee and after Fabrizio greased a couple of palms we were taken in to a theatre where we saw a 3D video on their history.

Then we were taken into 3 different tombs where each had a different light and sound show within... We were impressed....They were done very well!!

Like all good things our day was now coming to an end and we made it safely back on board to deck 11 to celebrate another successful day..



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