Monday, September 9, 2013

Istanbul 4

The weather today was much more pleasant than last time but we did have the threat of rain... well it did rain... just when we were ready for our Bosporus cruise.  We debated yes or no, but decided the alternative in the rain was no better.  The traffic was really starting to build up now and it took us an hour to get to pier where the boats left from... But we made it just in time and the rain stopped and we were able to enjoy the cruise from the top deck of the boat.  The cruise lasted for an hour and we passed many of the multimillion Euro homes that dot the water’s edge.  Kagan told us stories of how he used to live on the Bosporus and as a young boy would swim with the currents from one side to the other ... Obviously the water traffic was nothing like it is now.  We passed many boats decorated at what looked like wedding celebrations and few brides had been spotted around and about.  We took this opportunity to sit back, the girls with a bottle of wine and the boys with a beer and take in the surrounds.... ahh life is good....

With a little time to spare we hung out with the locals back at the pier.  Little craft and food stalls had been set up.  Having scrounged a few Liras from the others we decided to try a Turkish waffle much to the delight of the young men who were preparing them....  Tom Cruise as he called himself put on a great show once Garry got the video camera out...  It really ended up being a highlight, as Tom a self confessed master chef, created a culinary delight for us which included, caramel and white sauce, banana, strawberries, kiwi fruit, nuts, chocolate bits and god knows what else..... he was so proud and it was so yum..... Of course then he wanted to watch the playback on the video!!

Happy and content we got back on the bus and fought our way back to the boat.  Whilst on the bus we noticed an old man begging in the middle of the road literally.... he stood in the middle of the road whilst the cars zoomed pass and as soon as they stopped for the lights he would walk from window to window. Kagan said that they don’t have a lot of beggars, probably cause they have realised they would get more money if they tried to sell things from window to window... which we also saw... we were impressed with the beautiful flower bouquets people where selling , if only we had room in the cabin....

Everyone was out early for sail away. The views from the boat were just magic.  In the back of our minds we are all aware of the trouble brewing in Syria, this was reinforce when  whilst standing out there we saw a fly over of at least 6 fighter jets.... hmmm ... no formation flying here so we gathered it was not for the benefit of the South Korean conference that was on!!!


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